Photo Gallery

Just adding photos of my home state as I take them, or locate them in my personal archives.    There’s beauty all around me, every day.

Sunset Ute Lake - Jan 2010

Winter Windmill at Trigg Ranch - taken by my pal and cousin TJ Smith

Kodak International Balloon Fiesta Oct 2009

Deer at Ute LakeDeer in Harding County January 2010


  1. Hi Bunny, your Mom gave me the web address a while back but I just got into it today and, WOW, I have been missing a blessing. Love your writing and the pictures. I signed up for your newsletter. Keep up the good work.

  2. Each blog has something very special to us. That road between S. Rosa and Santa Fe has always been one of our favorites. Brings back memories when a whole lot of our harvest hands were from that area.

  3. Angie told me about your blog and I really enjoy reading it, especially when you mention Miss Angie.
    Love ya,
    Mary P.

  4. Hi, Cuz. Of course there are so many of us that you never know who or where one will pop up. I have enjoyed your Blog–You have stories that reach out and grab a person. Thanks for sharing with us.

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