Posted by: bunnyterry | October 12, 2010

Logan Schools – And Shelley Wallin’s College Prep Class

Ms. Wallin's College Prep Class - Logan High 2010

I spent part of my morning at Logan High School yesterday.  I sat in my friend Shelley Wallin’s classroom with her senior college prep class and discussed what blogging means, where the great blogs live, how blogging and writing and sharing and connecting could possibly help each of them.  We talked about the cyber community, their favorite musicians (Ashley Muncy shouted out “Kene Terry” and I had to tell her there might not be any blogs on Kene, but that we’d work on it together. . .), gaming, football, cheerleading – and then we went to the computer lab to set up a wordpress blog for Logan Schools.   (And by the way, this is Spirit Week and yesterday was pajama day.  They don’t dress like that all the time.  I sure hope one of them chooses to write about Spirit Week. . .)

I miss hanging out at the high school, on about six different levels.  I miss having Johanna there, although I’m crazy proud that she’s doing so well in her second year at UNM.  I miss having a reason to drop in visit with my pal Angie Fly (okay, now Medrow) or Shelley (I had to call her Ms. Wallin the entire time yesterday in front of her students – damn funny because I really could not remember to do it).  I also, very slightly, miss being a student there, the smell of the hallways the first day of school, Mr. Hulce’s handwriting on the chalkboard in American History (in the very room where I met with Shelley’s kids), student council meetings in the library, hanging in the hallways at the lockers between classes.  I don’t miss the angst of being a high school student, and heaven only knows how those kids I met with yesterday navigate the murky waters of teenage society today.

So, maybe all my lofty plans for helping them do a blogging project are somewhat selfish.  I want a reason to go back  to the school on a regular basis.  I want to reconnect, not just in cyberspace, but in the hallways, and in the teacher’s lounge if there are other teachers who want to get their kids blogging.  I want to know the names of the students when I see them at basketball games.  I want to help them build a community online but I also want to do some of my own personal community building. 

I’m excited.  Logan High School received a Bronze Medal as one of the best little high schools in the nation from US News & World Report – we even had a mural painted to show ourselves off.  There’s some real potential here.  The kids I met with yesterday were at first perplexed at the idea of creating a student blog, then they were intrigued, and by the end of the hour, they were searching for images for their own personal posts.  Unlike many of the small schools surrounding Logan, my alma mater hasn’t slowly shrunk and our test scores haven’t fallen.  We’ve only gotten better, and these blogging kids are going to have a great time conveying that. 

As I posted back in May, I love small schools in New Mexico.   And this one is my favorite.  I’ll keep you posted on our project, and I’ll provide a link the minute we’re up and publishing.  This should be great fun – I can’t wait to get back in there next Tuesday morning and see what they came up with for posts.  I’m telling you Ashley – if we need to do a blog on Kene Terry, I’m all for it.



  1. Love it, Bunny! It is a great idea. And I think it’s only fitting that the first blog be about Kene!

  2. I’ve had so much fun and learned so much doing my blog for the restaurant that I work at, called Gabriel’s, way up here in Sedalia, Colorado.
    My blog is a little different. It is called a Photo Blog,
    comprised of course, with mostly photos of my customers. People love to look at themselves, so when they enter my blog to see themselves (and who else was at the restaurant) I sprinkle my blog with marketing information. Being interspersed with information on weekly entertainment, special events and a FREE Community Bulletin Board Page, keeps my customers interested and coming back for more.
    I have a MacBook Pro computer and use the application IWeb.
    Have fun with your project and if I can offer any help or suggestions, let me know.
    Miss Kitty

  3. Well, Bunny…….I have been at Logan Schools for 32 years now (from 1st grade and now my 20 years of teaching there) and I have to tell you….we have a great little school! As you well know, we prepare the students for college despite our size, and, if you choose, you can be BUSY with any activity you want! We had an excellent turn-out for spirit week PJ day and also “fake an injury” day! I love our spirit and our pride in our school…….we even take time to learn some things now and then…!

    Thanks for stopping in and talking to us about your blog and we will look forward to seeing you again next week!! We’ve come a long way, baby!….. But yet we are still here…….gotta love Logan!

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