Posted by: bunnyterry | October 1, 2010

Corrales Grower’s Market

There aren’t many things I miss about living in the city, but having a Farmer’s Market to visit on a weekly basis is one of them.  Well, that and really good takeout pizza.  Movies at the megaplex on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Bookstores that stay open until 11 p.m.  Thai food. 

Otherwise, I’m pretty content to stay in Logan where there are no stoplights, no criminals (other than those high school kids who took my Zune last spring, but they must have needed it more than me, right?), no lines at the post office or the MVD.

Ah, but the farmer’s/grower’s markets.  What a treat!  I grow a pretty salty garden, but nothing like these guys. 

This past Sunday I went to the Corrales Grower’s Market.  Talked to a guy from the South Valley who explained that I couldn’t get Dixon champagne apples on the side of the road because it’s not allowed to sell them anywhere other than Dixon, and then gave me a taste of the apples from his farm – wow!  It’s been a year or two since I had a Dixon Champagne, but I can’t imagine that it’s better that this bag of South Valley apples that I brought home.

Talked to Allan Lacky from River Canyon Ranch, one of the few certified organic beef producers in New Mexico (  He lives at Ocate and seemed delighted to meet someone who hailed from Quay County – heck, he was just glad to meet someone who knew where Ocate was.  We discussed meeting in Roy to exchange a cooler of his beef for some of my cash.   In my quest to follow Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, I’m determined to get more of my food from local sources.   Ocate’s pretty local, I’m thinking.  And who else can say they drive to Roy to get their groceries?  Not many folks, I’m guessing.

Admired a lot of really gorgeous tomatoes, and white radishes, and fresh herbs, and fresh bread baked in an horno, and local honey.  Wished I had lots of time and was going straight home so that nothing I bought would spoil in the car.  I could have chosen something from every booth.

If you’re nearby, go.  The Corrales Grower’s Market continues through October 25, from 9 to noon on Sunday and from 3 to 6 on Wednesdays at the Corrales Rec Center.  Pick up some of those white radishes for me – I’m dying to try them.  And maybe one of my future posts will be about how good the River Canyon Ranch organic beef tastes.  I’ll keep you posted.



  1. I loved this information! Makes me want to go!!!

  2. My new favorite thing….radishes from the grower’s market roasted with a little olive oil and salt and pepper…a totally new radish experience.

    • I am soooo envious. Next time. . .

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