Posted by: bunnyterry | September 15, 2010

I Love the New Mexico State Library Bookmobile

I’ll be 50 this December, which probably sounds incredibly ancient to some of you.  I refuse to see it as a negative – everyone should get to live this long and be this pleased with the world and feel this happy and healthy.  And part of what makes me feel continually young is feeling enthusiastic about everyday events that the rest of the world might view as totally mundane.

Just like today.  I woke up knowing that the bookmobile will be parked at the Logan Post office from 11:00 to noon.  So, besides the fact that it’s already a sunny, almost fall day outside, I have the bookmobile to look forward to.  And if you know me, you know that the prospect of an RV full of books is enough to make me ridiculously pleased with the world, nearly giddy.

So, yeah, I’m still excited about the bookmobile, dying to return the books I checked out last month (a history of Dawson, NM; “The Girl Who Fell from the Sky”, “Stones Into Schools” by Greg Mortensen- which I’m keeping for another month; “The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done” by Ursela Hegi; a book on Dona Tules. . .) and anxious to see what they brought this time.   You never know – there’s always a treasure lurking on the shelves, something to get you through all those September evenings with no cinemaplex in the neighborhood. 

I’ve written a couple of posts about the Bookmobile already.  See and  I’m going to say it one more time – if you live in a rural area and have the chance to visit the bookmobile, and especially if you have kids to take along, go. 

Last month Dave’s daughters, seven and eight years old and here for a summer visit with their dad, went with me to the bookmobile on Tuesday morning, each agonizing over and then gathering a pile of five books.  On Wednesday, when the bookmobile came back through town, they begged to go back, returning the books they had raced to finish overnight.  They were in awe of the RV full of books, and amazingly didn’t touch the Wii all evening.  They were broken-hearted last weekend when I had to explain that the bookmobile doesn’t come on weekends – they’ll have to wait until next summer to return. 

Yes, I love the bookmobile.  Still.  Always.  Going to the bookmobile feels the same way it did when I was six.



  1. I used to LOVE the Bookmobile at Grady! You make me want to go back!
    Have you read…Nelson DeMille, The Gold Coast & The Gate House?

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