Posted by: bunnyterry | September 7, 2010

St. Clair Winery – One of our favorites so far

I spent the past weekend at the New Mexico Wine Festival in Bernalillo, and had the good fortune to taste a number of different wines from wineries all over the state.  Along with my booth mates, I confirmed that one of the greatest products on the New Mexico wine market today is St. Clair Winery’s Mimosa.  Made from freshly squeezed orange juice rather than concentrate, and blended with St. Clair’s dry, sparking wine, the Mimosa is refreshing and delicious.  At at $10 per bottle, it makes getting your vitamin C in an alternative form feel downright economical! 

St. Clair Winery has been around since 1984 and is, according to their website ( “nestled in the heart of the  Mimbres Valley in Deming, New Mexico only 34 mile from the Mexican border.   The winery is situated on 15 acres and has a 500,000 gallon capacity with state of the art equipment, producing award winning wines with the expertise from winemakers Florent Lescombes and Herve Lescombes. ”  The location, with warm days and cool nights, makes it possible to grow, according to St. Clair, some of the best grapes in New Mexico.

I’m already a fan of the St. Clair Bistro, located in the old (new) Rio Grande Cantina location on Rio Grande in Albuquerque.  The winery offers wine flights at the bistro, along with great food and music on weekend nights.  Adding the Mimosa to their line of products only makes me like them more.  Sunday brunch just got better!


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