Posted by: bunnyterry | September 3, 2010

Russell’s Truck Stops

It’s no secret.  I love food.  Good food.  Gourmet food.  Hot Dog Stand Food.  Carnival Food.  Truck Stop Food.  Mexican, Italian, Indian, Thai. . .the list is endless.  I once had a heck of an Ethiopian meal in Wrigleyville in Chicago.  It’s a miracle I don’t weigh 400 pounds.  

So imagine my delight when a new truck stop with allegedly great food opened up right down the road.  And it’s owned by my neighbors, the Russells.  They’re good neighbors.  We’re happy to have them here, even if their 11,000 square feet home blocks my view of the east end of Ute Lake. 

Being good neighbors translates to being good business owners.  Because they care about people (customers and employees both), Emery and Barbara have done extremely well in all their businesses.  Last month they opened Russell’s Truck Stop, the latest in a string of successful businesses, and I’m writing this post to congratulate them, and to thank them for creating something that employs a pile of people in Quay County while it gives me yet another place to eat.  

My meal at Russell's - cheese, green chile and chicken. Yum!


Yeah, you knew I was getting to that – I’m always writing about another good meal I had somewhere in New Mexico.  This time I’m talking about a place you probably don’t know if you’re from outside Quay County – Endee.  

This is the second  Russell’s Truck Stop, located at Endee on I-40 ( .   The first is between Springer and Raton, off I-25.  If you have the chance to stop in the first Russell’s, get one of the green chile burritos out of the to-go heated display.  It will make your trip into Cimarron and Red River go by much more quickly.     

Dave's meal at Russell's - More Yum!


Dave and I had a chance to have lunch at the new Russell’s on Sunday on our way to Amarillo.  It was great – the food, the atmosphere (very 50’s diner), and the company (half of Logan was the wait staff, and the First Baptist Church of San Jon had turned out in full force).  It was fun.  

Here’s the story on the food.  I had the green-chile chicken-fried chicken with real mashed potatoes smothered in cream gravy and Dave had the chicken-fried chicken with okra (it was Sunday!  We had to eat like farmers just out of Sunday meeting!).  We both had the Chicken Enchilada Baja Soup, which was delicious (I REALLY need that recipe).   We were stuffed, but seriously considered dessert.  How could it be bad when what we had just finished was so good?  

Russell’s is a huge facility – with a theater for truckers, a chapel (my friend Martha Richardson went there for Sunday morning service – said she would be back for more), a gift shop and a car museum where Emery has housed 22 vintage and new vehicles in pristine condition.  There was a red 1960 Chevrolet Impala convertible that I’d trade a kidney (or two) for, and a 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby that was rebuilt by Shelby himself (Dave salivated. . .).   I loved the deep green 1957 Pontiac Super Chief and was taken back to 1977 by the 1956 Chevy – it looked suspiciously like Glena and Shelley’s first car.   

I’m pleased for the Russells.  They worked hard to get where they are, and they worked hard to get this truck stop built.  They created something that will benefit the entire county and they’re always quick to say that God got them where they are.   

Go there.  It’s only a 30 minute drive from Logan or Tucumcari, located on I-40 just 3 miles east of the Texas line.  Have a big Quay County meal.  Enjoy.  And then walk it off admiring those cars.



  1. Had my second meal at Russells on Sunday! Love that place!

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