Posted by: bunnyterry | August 5, 2010

Girls Inc. Arts and Crafts Show – Santa Fe this weekend!

Sabrina and Johanna on the plaza in June 2010

It’s summertime, and the living is easy, and once again, I get to go to Santa Fe and spend the weekend on the plaza with my best pal, Sabrina Colson, and my daughter and the Plaza Cafe and the La  Fonda and the Cathedral bells and the kettle corn and the frito pies from the Five & Dime. . .everyone should get to live like this.

We’ll be selling at the Girls, Inc. 38th annual Arts & Crafts Show.  All booth fees benefits Girls, Inc., an organization whose motto is”Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.”  (    Love that.  That’s what I’ve been trying to do for my daughter her entire life (and she is – very strong, smart and bold!).  So it’s appropriate that we’ll be there in the midst of this very worthy cause.  Over 250 vendors will join us – artisans from all across the country. 

If you’re totally without a plan for the weekend, drive on up to Santa Fe.  This is a gorgeous time of year to be there, and when you’re done shopping our booth (we’ll be on the Lincoln Street side of the plaza), you can go for a hike in Hyde Park.   Or to Ten Thousand Waves for a soak.  Or to Bandelier Park for a trek through the ruins and petroglyphs.  I personally recommend the tapas at El Farol (I’ll be there ordering my own after the show ends one evening).  And the calabacitas burrito from the Plaza Cafe.  The margaritas from the La Fonda (too bad they don’t do takeout cups so that we can have them on the plaza. . .). 

Drop by and say hello.  I’m posting photos from the last time we were on the plaza – that way you’ll recognize us.  See you there!

Sabrina's husband Bruce and I relaxing outside the booth - is this the life or what?



  1. Well, you just go ahead and have a wonderful time there in Santa Fe with all the food and cool weather! I am envious? Yes. I like your descriptions of the plaza and the Five and Dime. I think next year, Brenda and I will go up during August before classes begin. We went early this year and had a good time, but this Texas heat is just terrible. Post more soon about your trip to Santa Fe.

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