Posted by: bunnyterry | June 3, 2010

Santa Fe Thirsty Ear Festival at the Eaves Movie Ranch

Church at the Eaves Movie Ranch

As you know, my best pal Sabrina and I just finished a weekend of selling jewelry at the Albuquerque Wine Festival.  In two weeks we’ll be off to an even better venue, the Santa Fe Thirsty Ear Festival. 

The festival is scheduled for June 12 and 13 at the Eaves Movie Ranch (, where over 250 film productions have been created, from “The Cheyenne Social Club” and “Chisum” to “Silverado” (my personal fave) and “Young Guns II” and “Wyatt Earp”.  It’s an old western town movie set, complete with a church, saloons, hotels, storefronts and homes.  It’s like stepping into 1870, except that we’ll be packing a credit card machine.  Let’s hope they have good phone service there.

I can’t wait!  I’ve attended the majority of the Thirsty Ear Festivals ( , beginning with #1, which was Labor Day Weekend 1999.  I went to see my all-time favorite songwriter, Guy Clark.  Little Johanna, who was eight at the time, sat with me and her best friend Gabby in the dirt ten feet  from the stage, and we sang along to “Boats to Build” and “LA Freeway”.  Then he sang the Old Gunfighter Ballad to thunder and lightning crackling in the distance.  Guy Clark visited with us afterward and signed Johanna’s denim cap, which she wore for the next three years non-stop. 

The next year I went to see Joe Ely, and fell in love with the music of Mary Gauthier and The Damnations Texas.  In 2001, the festival was moved to another film set, the Bonanza Ranch – north of Eaves, and slightly less interesting – but we got to see Odetta and Junior Brown that year.  Amazing music.  And every year, we drank New Mexico microbrews, including green chile beer, and ate butternut squash casserole and barbecue from the Cowgirl Hall of Fame restaurant.

Asleep at the Wheel

This year should be no different in terms of fun or music or food, except for being bigger and better.  This festival, the 11th annual, has an eclectic  lineup including Asleep At The Wheel, The Sam Bush Band, Po’ Girl, Felix y Los Gatos, and a Santa Fe kid we know from the old days, Alex Maryol (  We used to hunt Alex down in blues bars in Albuquerque when he was so young his mama had to come along to get him in the door.  He’s a young blues player who’s grown into a great musician.  And he used to have a raging crush on my niece Kyla.

So go ahead, be envious.  We’ll be dancing in the booth, making money and drinking microbrews.  If you want to join us, you can find tickets online at  Come by and say hello.  We’ll be the girls selling the cute jewelry.



  1. Headed over to Thirsty Ear tomorrow…..will look for you!

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