Posted by: bunnyterry | June 1, 2010

Dos Hermanos in Albuquerque

As previously posted, I spent the weekend selling jewelry at the Albuquerque Wine Festival, which is it’s own post.  Great weather, a view of the Sandias from our booth, new friends, and really good wine.  It truly didn’t seem like work – I could get used to this type of direct marketing!

And besides getting to go to the wine festival everyday, I got to have two breakfasts picked up from Dos Hermanos (, my  favorite burrito eatery in Albuquerque.  First day was the calabacitas burrito smothered in green chile, second day was the calabacitas burrito with shredded roast beef smothered in green chile (variations on a theme, I know, but it’s so crazy delicious. . .).    I was also lucky enough to get to try everyone else’s burritos (the carne adovada was, as always, fabulous!). 

The tamales at Dos Hermanos are among my favorites as well, and I now see a vegetarian option on the menu (green chile and cheese).  If you’re having a party, you can pick up several dozen tamales and impress your friends with your great taste and party sense. 

According to the website (and I remember this history from my early days in Albuquerque), Dos Hermanos was originally at Candelaria and Wyoming – the first restaurant only seated 4!  Now in several locations, most of the recipes are from Jesse, the mother of one of the owners.  Jesse owns La Cocina in Espanola, which is another amazing New Mexico restaurant you should try next time you’re in the northern part of the state.

Try Dos Hermanos.  It’s one of the many reasons I hate to come home after a weekend in Albuquerque.


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