Posted by: bunnyterry | May 10, 2010

Wind Energy in New Mexico


Wind Turbines at the San Jon Caprock

Wind.  Again.  You’re right.  It’s another windy spring day in New Mexico.  In my search for the proverbial silver lining to this cloud (there will most certainly be no working on the laptop on my deck in these 60 mile per hour breezes), I researched wind energy in New Mexico.   And I found that we’re pretty damn impressive when it comes to harnessing this natural phenomenon with which we’re so frequently “blessed,”  especially this time of year.

We currently have six wind power centers in NM.  The first was officially opened in October 2003, near House, New Mexico, with 136 wind turbines, each standing 210 feet high.  That wind power plant alone can product up to 200 megawatts of power, enough to power 94,000 average NM homes.  This energy production, amazingly, doesn’t require water to operate, it doesn’t produce any solid waste and there are no emissions.  In fact, it’s the ultimate clean power producer.

And there’s more.  While this might seem like an extremely dry, uninteresting topic, we might all want to take a minute to celebrate the wind.  With New Mexico wind power plants now producing 596 megawatts of electricity.  And the wind farms in DeBaca and Quay County alone are projected to bring approximately $40 million into the counties over the next 25 years.

So, the next time you find yourself cussing the wind in Eastern New Mexico, just remind yourself that’s it’s really a lovely day.  We don’t have coal mines (thank heavens) or oil wells (can’t stand the smell anyway, right?).  We have wind.  Especially in the Spring.  And it’s not so bad after all.   




  1. I enjoy keeping up on my home state. This writer finds humor and happiness in everything as she did in her article on wind turbines.

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