Posted by: bunnyterry | April 11, 2010

El Pinto Posole for the Texas Cousins

Grandma Ayres and six of her seven girls. From left, Grandma, Mary Belle, Betty Louise (my mom), Bertha Mae, Crystell, Ruby Pearl and Doris.

Days like this are why we live in New Mexico.  83 degrees, not a breath of wind, a glass-surfaced lake at my backdoor, and posole on the stove.  The only thing that might be more perfect would be a day on the patio at the Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid looking at the Sangre de Cristos (or maybe on the patio at Kelly’s in Albuquerque, or maybe sitting on the plaza at Mesilla, or on the balcony at the Ore House in Santa Fe. . .you get my drift. . .) . . .this is a perfect day in New Mexico, and I’m savoring it.

I talk about El Pinto ( so often you’re all probably going to think I’m on the payroll.  Well, I’m not, and I’ve not received any special favors (other than rock star treatment one night at the restaurant), but I do use it all the time.  It makes my New Mexico dishes New Mexican.  The red sauce is especially good, and when I decided to make posole for the Texas cousins, I checked to make sure that I had a jar in the cupboard.  You can find my posole recipe in my New Year’s Post – it’s my pal Glena’s recipe, and I have to tell you it’s faultless!  Delicious.  I’m doing a taste test before I take it to my mom’s in Logan.

My Texas cousins are coming to my mom’s for dinner tonight.  It’s been decades since they’ve been to Logan – 20 or 30 years.  The guests are my aunt Bertha Mae’s daughters, Beverly and Nell, and Beverly’s daughter Tonya, who was my great pal cousin when we were small.  We’re excited – they’re on the road from Fort Worth and we’re all cooking up a pile of dishes to let them know exactly how welcome they are.  I just told my brother Klee that I might have made a batch of posole that’s too spicy for the Texas gringas, and he laughed and said, “Good.  More for us.”

It will be a perfect evening on my mom’s front porch with great food and good company.  My cousin Beverly is actually now living in Scotland – I’m hoping she has stories about the Ayres castle (Ayres being my mother’s maiden name).  What she probably has stories about is the WPGA since she’s a pro golfer.  My cousin Tommy Smith is bringing not one but two chocolate pies (my Grandma Ayres’ recipe) and Viola is bringing green chile stew.

Benjamin Franklin Ayres and Myrtle Mae McDaniel Ayres - my maternal grandparents

Those of you with small families have no idea how nice it is to have a huge extended family (I have 73 or 74 first cousins) full of people who mostly have to act as though they love and cherish me.  They know my history, share my memories of holidays and Sunday dinners at Grandma’s house, and they never fail to say something fabulously nice, like, “Why you look just like you did in high school or “You know, you have the same blue eyes as Grandpa Ayres.”  They don’t necessarily have to mean every nice thing they say, but on occasion they do.  Their job is to treat me like family, and my job is to do the same, and at the end of the day, isn’t that an incredibly easy job to have?

Enjoy your perfect sunny New Mexico Sunday.  Enjoy your family.  Say something really nice to them, even if it’s the tiniest stretch of the truth.  And if you’ll check back, I’ll try to have that chocolate pie recipe for you in a day or two.



  1. Bunny I just love your website. We had such a great time at your Mom’s last night. I wish we all had time to get together more often. I can’t wait to try out the posole recipe, it was delise,of course the best was Grandma Ayres’ Pies..yummy. We had such a wonderful place to go for Sunday lunch. Would not give anything for all the memories I have of those Sundays at Grandma Ayres’ and all the fun Holidays together. We are a very blessed family. Have a great day. Love ya…

  2. GREAT once again. Just wish I’d been there to see the cousins and have some good posole…. I think I going to print all these family stories to share with my kids and grandkids…

  3. Hey! This Terry girl even got in on the action! Sure was fun….and the choclate pie was wonderful! Bethe San Terry Cunningham

  4. Bunny, I have a thank you card I am dropping in the mail tomorrow (I love email, blogs, texting AND snail mail). So I will take this opportunity to thank you on-line. This past week-end was so much more to me than a family visit. As I state in my card, my happiness at meeting and learning what a wonderful family I have is almost matched by my regret that I never made the time to visit my New Mexico family more often…it’s been 36 years (shame on me). I always considered that I had a small family…was I ever wrong. I really cannot convey to you all that this week-end meant to me. The family love, the character of my family members, and the true love they have for God’s children touched me so deeply. My husband is from New Mexico (Anthony, NM) and he always talks about “home” and misses it a great deal. When I told him about our time in Logan & San Jon & showed him some of your blogs he realized that he might have actually married a “New Mexican” girl after all. Anyway…tell everyone there that I met, re-met, heard about, etc. Hello! and I hope to see all very soon! Love, Tonya P.S. Keep me posted on your mom’s condition. I am afraid our visit might have been too much for her and I pray for her quick, complete recovery.

  5. I’ve read and am moved by your post. And by the comment from Tonya. You have so much and posole, to boot. I hope all is well with your mom. Time is fleeting, Bunny.

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