Posted by: bunnyterry | April 7, 2010

Celebrate Every Little Thing, including Spring in New Mexico!

Peach Tree - Logan, NM 4-7-10

I just read a great essay by a writer named Geneen Roth.  She’s written a number of books about women and body image and eating, but this essay in “When you Eat At the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair” is by far my favorite, and I read it every once in a while to remind myself of how I feel about life in general. 

Her advice is to celebrate every little thing.  Get yourself out of your head (thinking about yesterday, or tomorrow, or what you ate last night that had too many calories, or what you should have said to that guy who took your parking place, or how you should have responded to that remark of your sister’s) and get into this moment, today, right now. 

Apple blossoms and blue sky. Really. That is the sky at my house this morning.

In other words, stop stewing and thinking and celebrate instead.  Celebrate anything (the wind only blew 30 mph today instead of 60, like last Thursday; we live where the sun shines 360 days per year; your hair is clean; you HAVE hair).  Use the good dishes.  Drink some really expensive wine, just because it’s Wednesday (okay, that’s me, right now, while I write. . .you can find some other celebration mode for your Wednesdays), light a candle, sit on the porch swing instead of starting dinner.  Eat on the couch instead of cleaning off the table, just this once.  Paint all your toenails a different color.  Send someone (or yourself) a bouquet.   Call an old friend just cuz you located her last week on Facebook.  Celebrate the fact that you have a new roomie who is sweet and generous who can cook AND who just happens to also be tall and handsome (okay, me again. . .)  Remember that life is short, it’s not a dress rehearsal, and fun is truly the name of the game.  We’re all in charge of our own experiences.  We might as well enjoy what we’re doing. 

Today I want to celebrate that Spring is officially here.  Look at these pictures of Spring in Eastern New

Flowering Almond in my next-door neighbor's yard

 Mexico.  Yes, we’re all silently praying and keeping our fingers crossed that the last of the hard frosts is gone so that the fruit trees survive (unlike last year, but I’m getting out of the present. . .) and that the mesquites bloom soon.  That’s our signal to start planting tomatoes.  When the mesquites bloom, according to the old timers, it’s safe to put in your garden.  And wait until you see how I’m planning to celebrate that event!

Celebrate New Mexico style.  Once I’m done with this post, I’m headed to the kitchen with that glass of wine, I’m going to make some red chile sauce (El Pinto, of course []) and we’re having huevos rancheros for dinner.   Just one more reason to celebrate. . .


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