Posted by: bunnyterry | March 16, 2010

Santa Fe Bead Fest

If you’re lucky enough to live in New Mexico, there’s almost always something to look forward to – arts and crafts shows, wine festivals, pueblo feast days, museum or gallery openings – even basketball tournaments.  And this weekend is no exception for me. 

Beginning on Thursday, March 18, 2010, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m., and then again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., I get to attend the Santa Fe Bead Fest( with my best pal Sabrina, where we’ll set up shop at the La Fonda ( just off the Santa Fe Plaza and sell photo-based jewelry for four days.  

So, what I get is:  Four gorgeous spring days in Santa Fe, spent in the beautiful and historic La Fonda with one of my best friends in the universe meeting bead artisans from all over the world selling great jewelry.  Heck, I may even make some money in the process, although I imagine the shopping at my neighbor’s booths will preclude that.  I’m hoping for lunch one day from the vegetarian tamale vendor on the Plaza, and then a frito pie from the Plaza Drug Store another  and maybe, just maybe, a green chile cheeseburger from the Burger Barn (you know me – always thinking about the food I’m going to find while on the road . . .).

Me with Sabrina - See you in Santa Fe!

Maybe we’ll see you there.  If you get a chance to attend, drop by the La Fonda and look for the Sabrina Colson Jewelry Company booth.  I’d love to meet you there!



  1. I’ll be there with bells on! Can’t wait to have a drink with my girls……and Bruce!

  2. Yea baby! Can’t wait.

  3. you are just awesome! Can’t wait to see all of you in June!!!! When do you work? You make me excited to check my email hoping there is something from!

    Love you!\

    • Oh Shirley! I work all the time. I just have a pile o jobs rather than just one. I’m a realtor, then a paralegal, and then I sell jewelry. You know, it takes a lot of cash to survive in a resort town like Logan!

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