Posted by: bunnyterry | March 14, 2010

Baked Corn Chips – Albuquerque Tortilla Company

I just tore up a pile of corn tortillas, put them on a cookie sheet, sprayed them with a little Emeril canola oil spray, sprinkled them with Morton’s sea salt, and then put them in the oven at 350 degrees for about ten minutes.  I’m all out of chips, as I have been for several weeks (okay, I refuse to buy a bag of tortilla chips because I’ll eat them all in one sitting – I’m a chips and salsa junky.  Any questions?) and now I’ve become addicted to my own home-baked corn chips.  And I thought you just might enjoy knowing how I make them. 

I think I’ve already provided the recipe in that first sentence, except that it seems to be trial and error as to the appropriate time – sometimes ten minutes isn’t enough, sometimes it’s too much, depending on your altitude and your oven.  My best method for determining whether they done is to poke them with a fork.  Obviously if they’re hard, they’re perfect.

The folks at Albuquerque Tortilla Company ( also offer a blue corn tortilla that would make gorgeous chips for your next get together, but my cousin David at Logan Food Market doesn’t carry the blue corn.  Ah, the hazards of rural living. . .  Although it looks like you can order directly from the Albuquerque Tortilla website.

If I’m out of spray or sea salt, I bake them without.  Still delicious.  Still the perfect acccompaniment for that salsa you picked up at the Fiery Foods.  Wait!  I’m the one with all the salsa.  I’m off to try the Cervantes hot green chile salsa.  I’ll let you know how it was next time.

Happy Daylight Savings Day!  Eat locally, eat healthy, eat fun. . .



  1. Hey Bun, I really like to bake my own chips too. Don’t do it often but they are really the best. And another sign we are kin, chips and salsa are my downfall. LOVE THEM!!

  2. I live in TucsonAZ. Hot Chili does not exist in Tucson hence the worst Mexican food since California. I bought some of your frozen green chili but do not know how to portion it. No directions on the container for thawing. I love Hot Mexican food but do not want it every day. What the heck do I do with the thawed excess chili. In the past, I have roasted and frozen about 160 pounds every year but that is not feasable now. What do I do? What do I do?

    • Just stick it back in the freezer – chile is amazingly resilient. Just thaw what you need and refreeze what you don’t. Good luck! And please check out the new blog address at!

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