Posted by: bunnyterry | March 13, 2010

El Puesto in Clovis

Yesterday I was swimming with the sharks at the Harris Law Firm, trying to get through a stack of divorce documents and accountant reports and child support worksheets and final decrees, and by lunchtime I had had ENOUGH!  I knew that the one thing that would cure my malaise was a really hot green chile burrito from El Puesto on Prince Street.  And as I was pulling into their driveway, I thought, “Finally!”  I spent the entire morning thinking about that burrito and I was about to have it in my hand.   

As you all know, I’m a fanatic about great food.  In high school I used to have a fantasy that I would be anorexic (it was high school.  I was young and foolish) just long enough to become eternally thin.  I know now how horrible it would be to view food as my enemy – I have a friend who moves her food around her plate, scared to death to actually eat, regardless of where we go.  Me, I’m looking at that plate like it’s my new best friend – can’t wait to get a bite in my mouth.  So I’m doomed to never be truly thin – I just love food and the accompanying experience of good food too much.  And of course I live in the land of exceptionally delicious food. 

El Puesto - Clovis NM

Sometimes (frequently, actually) the best food is in the most out-of-the-way unlikely places (Velma’s in Clovis is also amazingly delicious, and lots of local folks don’t know she exists [Velma the individual as opposed to Velma’s the restaurant].  Clovis folks go to Chile’s to eat a lunch that was shipped there in a box when they could be having pork chops and collard greens and fresh blueberry cobbler served up by Velma herself.  But Velma is a whole ‘nother post).

Lot of Clovis folks may not know about El Puesto either.  It’s in the most unassuming of locations, at 805 Prince Street, located in a ten foot wide (if that big. . .) metal building that looks like it could also have served as a storage shed for the lawn mower in someone’s backyard.  You pull up on the south side of the building, order your brisket, potato and green chile burrito smothered in red and green chile (I just couldn’t make up my mind. . .), give the girl at the window your $3.83 and she yells the order back to the kitchen, all the Spanish.  You then pull around the building to the north side (the building is so narrow that this tight turn has to be negotiated by going forward and then back a time or two), pick up your burrito and head back to the office.

If you don’t want to wait, call ahead to 935-RICO. 

This is good food.  This is a real New Mexican burrito at its best.  Obviously you can order any combination of meats, chile, and filling (potatoe, cheese, beans. . .) and the chile, both red and green, is tasty and hot.  This is the sort of lunch that makes driving to Clovis and dealing with divorce clients worth it.  I’m happy to swim with the sharks any day if a La Pesto burrito is what’s waiting for me on dry land. . .



  1. El Puesto sounds so really good. Is it near the highway that goes through Clovis to Ft. Sumner? And, how far off the highway would it be?

    • It’s on Prince Street, the road that goes from Portales through Clovis north to Logan. About eight blocks off the Ft. Sumner highway, which is also Mabry Drive.

      • Thanks, Bunny. We go through Clovis on the way west. Used to eat at Guadelajara out on west side. It closed. El Puesto will be a our destination next time. Thanks –Jack

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