Posted by: bunnyterry | February 4, 2010

New Mexico Girl Flying Home – Finally!

Grand Central Terminal and the Chrysler Bldg - 1-3-10

 I’m on an American Airlines flight, checking my e-mail and my blog by connecting to gogo inflight online services, wishing I had stuck with just ONE glass of wine with dinner last night at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Terminal, drinking a club soda, thinking about this last week in New York, and I’m listening to Brad Paisley singing “Farther Along.”   It’s a funny juxtaposition of my recent urban experience with my country girl/gospel roots.  That song makes me want to waltz in the aisle of the plane.   

I do so love to dance – I even went so far as to take the cast of the Broadway musical “Hair” up on their invitation to dance onstage Tuesday night after the performance was over.  If I can find the link (and me in the crowd onstage), I’ll provide it to you for the comic value.   The show was fun, fun, fun, and then there was that moment when the lights get very slightly dim and you realize that the entire cast is naked.  What a jolt for a Quay County girl.   

Anna Lee, Me and Glena - Hair on Broadway

So here I sit, grateful to be heading home, grateful that the snow that blanketed Quay County yesterday (even though if the ground is still covered, do we continue to use the term “blanketed”? I hear there were four to six inches remaining on the ground when it started snowing yesterday at noon.  Maybe rather than saying it “blanketed” Logan and Quay County, I should say “irritated. . “) is moving out and the roads are clear.   We REALLY want to get home. 

I love going to New York – I love the energy and the crowds and all those places that we’ve seen in history books and movies our entire lives, and I get to go with the most generous of employers/best frinds – Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company (  We stay at the Roosevelt Hotel (photos at, where it feels like you’re walking into an Edith Wharton novel every time you come through the front door, and we eat amazing food, and get perks like tickets to the aforementioned Broadway play, and I get to spend each day with Glena and Anna Lee (if you have to be on the road, it’s good to do it with people you love and that you’ve known since grade school, and if you have to share a New York-sized hotel room for seven nights, it’s especially nice).   We get to walk through Grand Central Terminal every day on the way to our shuttle, and I am still a open-mouthed gaping tourist every time I see those columns and that green ceiling depicting the constellations.   

Grand Central Terminal ceiling

I get to sell jewelry that’s made by my best pal, Sabrina, jewelry that’s gorgeous but very affordable to customers who are happy to reorder (“your line is 13% of my profit total!”).   And I get to see old friends and make new ones at the New York International Gift Fair.   On another screen I’m drafting a post about the New Mexico artists who shared the Galleria with us.   There were five of us in the midst of probably three or four hundred vendors on our floor, and I’m bringing home a pile of information and artist bios and links to websites to share with you.  I’m proud to be from a place that has such talent in abundance.

I’m also working on a post about Pick Up Sticks specifically, but I was dying to quickly post something from 10,000 feet.   It’s a first for me, being online in the air.   While I listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan play Voodoo Chile on my zune and admire my new computer bag from Love Shine in the East Village (, I have a chance to reflect on my good fortune.   I can get on a plane and go anywhere I want (especially when someone else is paying), but I always get to come home to New Mexico.   Could it get any better?



  1. Bring it on home, Doll. I know you must be exhausted, but all of the snow will give you an excuse to be reclusive. Come back to New Mexico, where you can luxuriate in MUCHO personal space.

  2. Traveling companions like you don`t get any better or warmer for that matter. Thanks foe make the last nine days so greaat.,but let’s ge thome to New Mexico and recharge our southwetern batteries.

  3. Wow, I truly enjoyed reading your article and we did also gape in awe at Grand Central Terminal… such a magnificent building!

  4. This is not a blog. It is a book, and I’m loving it. I’m so happy I’ve found this site.

    • Thanks so much for the great comment! Who are you and how did you find me!?

  5. So glad to read that you finally escaped Lubbock’s airport! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip – I thought about you guys…thanks for the trip update.

  6. Great trip, Bunny….Easy travel partners….Fun, Fun,
    In spite of the bitter cold and a room so small you could not kick a cat. It was so enjoyable, I am willing to do it again anytime!!!

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