Posted by: bunnyterry | January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday – sort of

It’s Wednesday morning in New Mexico, and I don’t have time to write much – not because I’m in Atlanta eating cheese grits, like I was a couple of weeks ago, but because this is a day in which I’m a paralegal, and I have to go in to the Harris Law Firm early today to help with a divorce trial.  It’s a tough one, and I want to somehow soothe the extremely ruffled feathers of my client.  She is so incredibly hurt and unhappy and sad, and I keep trying to tell her in my most professional voice that everything will be fine, give it six months, let us get through today, hold your head up high, be brave (or if you’re not, just pretend to be.  No one can tell the difference.  That’s been my mantra for years. . .).  But the truth is that very little I say will make this particular event in her life any better or worse.   So I’ll just show up and do my job and do it well.  Sometimes that’s all you can offer someone.

Road down the Caprock

I said “wordless” didn’t I?  Well, here are a few photos I took yesterday – some are of a breathtaking sunrise from my back deck in Logan (red sky at morning. . .) and a couple are on the road to Clovis.  I didn’t realize at the time that the overwhelmingly beautiful part of the photos would be the sky.  But it is.  As if frequently the case in New Mexico.  The sky is the biggest scenic element every day – everything else, while gorgeous, is overshadowed by our amazing skies.

January Sunrise - Ute Lake

Looking north toward Logan




  1. Your blog is delicious. I read every word in one day, I was too gready, and I an starving for more. I am so proud that you are my best friend. You are most talented.

  2. Oh, I remember those glorious New Mexico sunrises and sunsets!

    Just in case you are interested: The January-February 2010 issue of Western Horseman has an article about my uncle Leroy Webb (Leroy was married to my mother’s sister; his wife Nora died a couple of years ago).

  3. Your blog is delicious, I ate up every word – all in one day. I was too greedy, because I am starved for more. You are most talented, I am so proud to be able to call you my best friend.

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