Posted by: bunnyterry | December 28, 2009

Christmas in Quay County

Let me tell you – we really know how to do the holidays up right in Quay County.  And it helps when the weather cooperates by delivering a sweet, slow eight inches of snow beginning on the evening before Christmas Eve and continuing through the night so that you wake up to a perfectly white Christmas.  Here’s what it looked like on December 23 when my son Zachary and I took his dog Piper for a walk down to Dos Rios at Ute Lake. . .

And then on Christmas Eve, after the snow stopped falling and we’d had our requisite New Mexico breakfast of migas and green chile sauce and beans and tortillas,  we loaded up and went into Logan to go sledding with my brother and dad and my kids and their cousins.  We’re lucky with our kids, my brother and I.  They’re still certain it’s not Christmas unless they get to spend it in Logan. 

Sledding in eastern New Mexico is an experience not soon to be forgotten.   The terrain, like all of New Mexico, is interesting, and sometimes unforgiving, in that any slopes we might have are on the edge of canyons, or directly into the lake.  So, sledding involves some ingenuity – in our case, we prefer the hood of a ’59 Ford pickup pulled behind my brother’s 4 wheel drive.  Can you see it?  Do you want to see it?  It’s a crazy fun fast drive in the Baptist Church parking lot with the possibility of being slung out into the snow drifts, and the certainty of being buried in snow.  It’s hillbilly sledding at it’s best.  And it was, once again, a riot.  Something we hope to get to do every year, but we haven’t had enough snow since 1999. 

Hillbilly sledding

More sledding on the hood

The remainder of our Christmas in Quay County was wonderful – just what the holidays are supposed to be.  There was snow, there was amazing food (my sister-in-law makes the best red chile in New Mexico, I’m thinking), there were presents, there was more walking the dog at the lake, and there was, as always, the scenery that we try really hard not to take for granted.  There are those of you who will argue that eastern New Mexico is nothing special in terms of scenic beauty, but let me prove you wrong.  I took these photos with my new Christmas camera while walking at Dos Rios at Ute Lake on Christmas Day.

Ute Lake Winter

Dos Rios in the snow

Canadian River Channel

To you and your’s, here’s hoping you had a great Christmas and that the New Year brings you health, peace and happiness.  More later. . .



  1. Happy New Year cous – I so enjoy reading your blog. They are all so refreshing. Thanks, looks like you guys had a wonderful time over Christmas…Love ya

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