Posted by: bunnyterry | December 22, 2009


 There’s a lot for me to say about Ute Lake:   

  1. I live there
  2. It’s gorgeous
  3. It has approx 22 – 26 miles of navigable water (depending on water depth)
  4. The water level remains relatively constant (no Elephant Butte-esque summers when we dip to 14% of our regular level)
  5. It’s the third largest lake in the state of New Mexico
  6. It’s fun
  7. It’s undiscovered by most New Mexicans (do we really want to change that?)
  8. It’s at Logan, which is also mostly undiscovered by New Mexicans

For fun, and just to whet your appetites, I’m going to post several pictures. Take a look, see if you can find us on a map, and I’ll be back with more later.



  1. These articles about New Mexico, bring back wonderful memories. I was born and raised in New Mexico, but live in Texas now. Bunny, you did an amazing job describing our wonderful state. For a small state, there are so many great things to do, and the scenery is amazing there. Thank you Bunny, you are so talented.

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